About Blazemark

Fire fighter at structure burnThe creators of Blazemark, Fire Planning Associates are an organization that provides the software and enhanced preplans for fire company chief officers and other first responders. Our work is based upon NFPA 1620 criteria and industry best practices.

Our staff includes experienced first responders and officers with training in building construction and preplanning to conduct the preplanning effort. All of the work is overseen by licensed FPE.

We keep first responder safety and professionalism at the core of everything we do:

  • FPA provides an independent outside source for the completion and validation of preplans that typically need to be accomplished during the day, by a group of fire professionals.
  • Work is managed by licensed professional fire protection engineer and recognized author.
  • Preplans assist chief officers with incident management and developing an action plan based upon sound information to more effectively and safely control emergencies.
  • Preplans assist in communicating key information regarding the incident location with incoming units
  • Preplans aid first responder efficiency by removing “What-Ifs” from their strategy and tactical decision making processes.
  • Compliance


We’re On the NFPA Pre-Incident Planning Committee

NFPA Committee

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